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Robert Peacock

Technology Enthusiast from the United States.


My name is Robert Peacock, and I live in Akron, Ohio. I often get asked why I live in Akron, and I say " It's home." Yes, the winters are hard and long but, even though, it's not a bad place. While Akron tries to shake its rust belt status and reinvent itself, I remain impressed as to how many times in the past it actually has accomplished the task. I truly find Akron's history fascinating.

I have a formal education in electronics. While studying microcontrollers in college, I learned to code. I have always appreciated animation and work daily on honing my animation and graphics skill sets. I enjoy playing guitar and have played for a good portion of my life. As one can see, I enjoy things that push my creativity. Some say that I should be a professional student. I try to learn something new every day. I love a challenge; I love things that do not come easy, as it makes life interesting!

What is robertpeacock.com

RobertPeacock.com is my sandbox. I plan to exploit my skill sets in coding and graphics. Stop back often to see what's new.